September 25, 2020

Millac 2019 Short Term Mission Report


We are indeed grateful unto God for the success of this year short term mission. Sincerely, it’s getting better day by day.

We also want to appreciate you our beloved partners for your prayers, moral and financial support towards this year short term mission outreach.

God indeed proved Himself strong In each of our location for this year outreach.

Summary report from each of the field

1. Nigeria: The entire delegates converge for a 5days of training, prayers and enlightenment in Abeokuta from the 1st-5th of August with seasoned resource persons from our partnering ministries to help prepare the participants for the task before them and beyond.
From 6th of August, everybody was dispatched to their various field of assignment.

Millac 2019 participants
Some of theMillac 2019 participants after the trainings

The Nigeria team worked in the following locations;
1. Ifo, Ogun State: focused on 1-1 discipleship and mobilising for MILLAC 2030.
2. Modakeke, Osun State: 1-1 discipleship.
3. Isan Ekiti, Ekiti state: Mobilization for Soul Winning Today Conference is ongoing.
4. Ibadan, Oyo State: MILLAC 2030 mobilization. As a result of the mobilization, one of the participants went back home and mobilized Christian leaders and churches in his community for a day conference
5. Sotiyo, Odeda Local Government, Ogun state: From our Sotiyo mission camp we were able to reach out to other neighboring communities via open air Crusade, discipleship fellowship, and extra moral classes for primary school students in 3 villages.

Our film outreaches to villages gave birth to ongoing Bible studies in the following villages:

  • Sotiyo: Every morning, 5:30- 6:30am
  • Alatan: Every Thursday, 4pm-5pm
  • Elesin: Every Saturday, 5pm-6pm
  • More than 50 pupils went through our extra moral classes from those mentioned villages.

2. Republic of Benin and Togo
These two locations was covered by the same team, and we appreciate God for how much He accomplished through them.

Koussountou, Togo north
Prayer altar was raised for the land with a minimum of 3hours of daily intercession on the altar.

  • Prayer walks across the land.
  • Four film outreaches was done leading to conversion of twenty souls
  • A church was planted at Koussountou, Togo North, with 15 members as at our time of leaving.
  • A member of the team was left behind to continuing follow up and pasturing of the new convert.
Koussountou pix
First fellowship meeting at Koussountou
Republic of Benin
  • Prayer altar was raised.
  • Prayer walking the community of Agbocou in Porto Novo.
  • Prayer evangelism leading to 4 souls been added to our partnering church.
  • Outreach at Allada, resulting into several people giving their lives to Christ. And one of the gave out his land for church planting.
Tokpa pix
New converts given their lives to Christ at Tokpota

3. Liberia: There was massive open door in Liberia which we are still trusting God for enough resources and manpower to water.Pastor Peter at Liberia

  • 7 different consultations for MILLAC 2030 partnership were done.
  • MILLAC 2030 conference with 54 Church leaders and workers in attendance successfully took place leading to the formation of coalition for Millon laborer challenge 2030 to be officially inaugurated before the end of the year
    One to one discipleship successfully took place with 29 persons reproductively.
  • 4 different house fellowship centres was planted with 54 in attendance through evangelistic outreaches by those trained in one to one disciple making ministry

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At the center of it all, we could see the mighty hands of God accomplishing through mortal vessels like us what is humanly impossible. He was so faithful meeting our needs, preserving our lives, strengthening us, and granting us mercy journeys in all our itinerary.
The entire team members arrived Nigeria safely on the 14th of September and we had our closing service on the 15th of September at our Sotiyo mission camp.
Continue to hold us in your prayers that God will grant us strength to be able to play our little contributions towards the world evangelization .

Pius Oluwole Kehinde
Field director

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