September 20, 2020

October Ministry report

Report of Walking with Jesus film translation to Yoruba

Walking with Jesus Film is an evangelistic and discipleship tool from the Great Commission movement, and this film has been so helpful to us both in our ministries here in Nigeria, and in the Republic of Benin since we got know of it.

The decision to made the film available in Yoruba language and some other local language was part of the ministry leadership effort to ensure that the film reaches more people, and I was invited to Jos last year April as the representative of the Yoruba people group, where I was trained alongside with the representatives of three other people groups on the rudiments of translating the script.

The translation of the script was successfully completed in the month of July, and after the editing, voice actors was recruited to act each of the roles.

Walking with Jesus film Yoruba pix
Dialect Directors, Kehinde Pius and Kemi at one of the studios

And to the glory of God, the film was successfully recorded between the 14th-18th of October, 2019 and work is ongoing to make it available for use as soon as possible.

It’s a great privilege to be part in this eternal project that we believe will draw many lives to Christ in South west and beyond when it’s eventually lunched.

Report from Republic of Benin field

The impacts of this year’s short term missions keep on lingering in the heart of so many lives who had an encounter the saving power of Christ.

And one such people is the people of Tokpota village, an idol worshiping community in the Republic of Benin.
During our outreach to Tokpota in the month of October, 2019, several lives were won to Christ, and as part of their heartfelt appreciation to God for remembering them, one of them voluntarily surrendered his land for church building.

To the glory of God, upon the visit of our team to Tokpota early this month for film show, a church was established, and the first service have in attendance 19 adults, and 12 children.

First Sunday service at Tokpota pix
First Sunday service at Tokpota

As we continue to celebrate God’s faithfulness in Tokpota, pray for these new converts that they shall established in their new found faith, and that through them, many others shall come to the saving grace of Christ.

MC2 Abeokuta/Info graduates her first set of Church and fellowship planters

MC2 graduants
MC2 graduants

MC2, a ministry strategy to raise church and fellowahip planters graduated her first set of chuch and fellowship planters comprises of over 60 Church and fellowship planters.

As part of our goal of raising 1,000,000 labourers between now and the year 2030, we graduated our first set of church and fellowship planters who have succeeded in going through our one year church and fellowship planting training/strategy, and have recorded success in planting their own house fellowships and churches.

During the course of this training, about 100 churches and fellowships were planted and several disciples raised.

The graduation also features the induction of new set of trainees presented by the grandaunts to pass through the same cycle of training.

Pray that  those fellowships and churches planted will grow in their capacity to reproduce their kind.

MC2 Abeokuta/Ifo New intake
MC2 Abeokuta/Ifo New intake


Kehinde Pius Oluwole


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